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Smartee Plate Empowers Kids to Become Smart Eaters

Teddy Tries A Veggie

Teddy Tries A Veggie

A 2013 Stanford study concluded that children who read stories about food better understand what types of food are healthy and voluntarily eat more vegetables than children who were exposed to conventional teaching.

Enter the first book in the new Smartee Plate series by registered dietitian nutritionist, Jennifer Glockner, Teddy Tries a Veggie. An interactive ebook for iPad and Kindle geared toward children 4-8 years old, Teddy Tries a Veggie follows Theodora (Teddy) Rose, an ‘almost-six-years-old’ girl who loves to garden but hates eating the vegetables she grows. Broccoli? Yuck. Asparagus? Double yuck! Brussel sprouts? No way! Teddy absolutely, no two ways about it, dislikes eating vegetables. But when she stumbles upon a band of fruits and veggies rocking out in her garden, she’s in for a delicious adventure.

This first ebook in the series conveys the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables as part of healthy eating and familiarizes kids with terminology such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Engaging children with unique interactive elements, such as touch-and-learn icons, pop-up fun facts, silly sound effects, a drawing tool, engaging questions and a yummy recipe, Teddy Tries a Veggie features the latest interactive technology, encouraging parents to open a dialogue with kids that’s educational while making the experience of reading a Smartee Plate book loads of nourishing fun for little ones!

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