THE LAST PIG: A Documentary Feature About a Pig Farmer turned Vegan Activist

the last pig

“Each of these pigs, if I could only ask them in a way they comprehend, would choose to live rather than die.” — Bob Comis

THE LAST PIG is a feature-length documentary that follows the remarkable story of Bob Comis, a humane pig farmer and his journey beyond the slaughterhouse. This groundbreaking film is a celebration of life, courage and compassion.

In bittersweet detail, THE LAST PIG captures Bob’s final year of farming pigs, the joy of caring for these sentient beings, the anguish of taking them to slaughter, the search for sanctuary, and the ghosts that will haunt him forever. After ten years of farming pigs, Comis turns his life inside out, risking everything to stop the slaughter and plant the seeds of a garden instead.

Through his soul-baring prose (published on the Dodo and Huffington Post) Bob Comis has inspired a loyal following, moving others to question the treatment of non-human beings. Now THE LAST PIG brings his compelling story to the screen.

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