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Vegucate: Over 200 Schools Adopt New Plant-Based Nutrition Program

Lean and Green Kids

Lean and Green Kids

International animal protection organization, In Defense of Animals, announces that over 200 U.S. schools have joined the campaign for good health through plant-based nutrition program the Daily Scoop, led by Lean and Green Kids.

The Daily Scoop features a series of fun, consistent and easy to understand daily nutrition tips for school kids with a strong focus on fruits, vegetables and bean-based protein meals. The tips are included in morning announcements or teachers’ opening routines to incorporate nutrition education into daily practice.

The Daily Scoop has been incredibly popular. 13 school districts which cover 279 schools within California, Colorado and New York have signed up to the modern nutrition program.

“We are proud to be supporting children to reach their full potential through the power of healthy, plant-based nutrition. Overwhelming demand for the Daily Scoop shows that educators are hungry for positive change.” said Dr Marilyn Kroplick, President of In Defense of Animals. “Plant-based eating is becoming very popular as people recognize the huge variety of positive benefits. Please get in touch with us today if you would like to see your children learn and thrive with a healthful, plant-based food program.”

Nutrition & Education Specialist for Vista Unified School District??, Amy Haessly, has been thrilled with the Daily Scoop program. She says “I love how the tips include a cultural and environmental perspective in addition to the more science-based nutrition tips.”

“Consistent and simple nutrition tips are extremely important to promote healthy eating habits and support kids who are relentlessly bombarded by unhealthy food advertising. The Daily Scoop program helps kids connect with their food and empowers them to make socially responsible choices which benefit their own health, animals and cut their carbon footprint in half.” said Nadia Schilling, Plant-Based Campaign Director for In Defense of Animals.

The benefits of plant-based eating are regularly highlighted by studies showing how animal products harm health and the environment. The World Health Organization recently declared processed meats, a staple food which is rife in school cafeterias, a stage 1 carcinogen that ranks alongside cigarettes and asbestos.

Find out how your school district can sign up to inspire, educate and support children through healthful, plant-based fuel at www.idausa.org/leanandgreenkids