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Vegan Dessert Recipe: Deep South Pumpkin Cobbler

Deep South Pumpkin Cobbler

Deep South Pumpkin Cobbler

Chef Xavier Bonnafous of Southern Pressed Juicery in Greenville, SC is whipping up fresh, energizing bowls bright and early every morning. A local favorite is the Deep South Pumpkin Cobbler – featuring house-made coconut almond granola, cinnamon glazed apples, pumpkin almond granola.


5 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 cup Kale
2.5 oz block Acai (frozen)
2 Bananas (frozen)

Toppings to add as desired

Pumpkin seeds
Pomegranate Seeds
Maple Syrup
Cinnamon/Maple Granola


1. Add Almond Milk and Kale to blender and blend until Kale is liquefied.
2. Add block of frozen Acai berry and blend until liquefied.
3. Add frozen bananas and blend until mixture is smooth and blended (to a smoothie-like consistency)
4. Place granola in the bottom of the bowl.
5. Use spatula to top granola with blended mixture.
6. Add one row of each: pumpkin seeds, cranberries, pomegranate seeds, cinnamon/maple Granola.
7. Drizzle maple syrup of top of finished bowl.

Visit website: http://www.southernpressedjuicery.com