Vegan-Fest Tel Aviv: the Largest Vegan Festival in the World

Vegan-Fest - Credit Ronen Tawil

Vegan-Fest – Photo Credit: Ronen Tawil

Vegan-Fest, the largest vegan festival in the world, will take place on September 24th, 2016 in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park and is expected to attract more than 15,000 visitors who will celebrate their love of animals, healthy lifestyle and environmental commitment.

Vegan-Fest, a day-long happening, will include an abundance of excellent performers throughout the day and night together with attractions for the entire family in the areas of culinary experiences, entertainment, sports and nutrition, and personal enrichment and education. Among the attractions:

  • V-TED area: For those who want to enjoy short and targeted lectures there will be a specially designated V-TED area in which there will be 10-minute TED lectures on varied subjects relating to veganism such as, veganism and feminism, veganism and sports, veganism and spiritualism, keeping your sanity as an animal activist, etc.
  • Therapy and beauty-care area: Vegan-Fest will offer a full Holistic and Therapeutic area for Yoga sessions, Shiatzu and other alternative treatments and Pilates classes, alongside fashion and cosmetic stands presenting companies whose products were not used in animal experimentation.

Tel Aviv was recently named #1 destination for vegans by the Daily Meal, holding the highest percentage of vegan-friendly restaurants per capita in the world (150 vegan friendly restaurants, consisting of 10% of the restaurant scene in Tel Aviv). The vegan population in the city is also considered to be one of the highest in the world: between 5-10%. Check out this YouTube video for more information on why Tel Aviv is the BEST city for vegans:

The festival, a joint project of Vegan-Friendly and BUZZ productions, will take place on September 24th, 2016 from 12am to 11pm in HaYarkon Park. The ticket prices will be advertised on the Vegan-Friendly site soon. This year it is expected that hundreds of people will come from all over the world in order to be part of what is expected to be the most famous vegan event in the world.

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