3 Hot Summer Food Trends: Pasta Alternatives and No-Cook Meals

explore cuisine

As you may have noticed, pasta is making a comeback – but not just regular pasta, a variety of pastas made from unique ingredients such as adzuki beans or red lentils. Explore Cuisine is a brand dedicated to making the pasta for everyone – the collection ranges from pastas made with pulses (chickpeas and lentils) to beans (soy, black, edamame, mung and adzuki), and brown rice. All of Explore Cuisine Pastas are organic, gluten-free, and non-gmo. So whether you are looking for a crowd pleasing pasta salad that anyone can eat, a high protein meal before a run, or for a satisfying meal with a low glycemic index, Explore Cuisine is a simple solution.

Veestro Summer Meals

Another summer food trend? Not cooking! With the summer heat comes a lack of desire to turn on the oven, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego a nutritious meal and relay on takeout. Meal delivery services are perfect for the warm summer months, especially ones like Veestro since the meals arrive fully cooked and ready to eat. Store them in your freezer and you will always have a healthy and delicious meal on hand for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Carrington quinoa

Carrington Farms Organic Toasted Quinoa has a delicious, crunchy texture and toasted flavor perfect on Salads, Yogurt, Cereals and Soups. No Cooking Required! Ready to Eat! * Supergrain of the Future * High in Fiber – Almost Twice as Much as Other Grains * Complete Protein Containing all 9 Essential Amino Acids * Add to your Favorite Recipes * Naturally Gluten FREE * Organic

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