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TildArt: Eco Vegan Chic Made in London



London-based fashion designer Matilda Janosi combines recycled materials with high quality luxury materials to create a unique “Eco Luxury” style. Matilda was born and grew up in Transylvania where recycling is a way of life. It is this ethos, combined with her talent as a fashion designer that has driven her to create luxurious eco friendly designs.

One of the main materials TildArt uses is recycled bicycle inner tube. Bicycle repair shops around East London are the source of Matilda’s inner tubes, which are later transformed into arresting designs in her studio in London. All of the other materials used in the fashion pieces are sourced from suppliers around the UK.

The April 2016 showing features the new “VeloLux” Collection combining recycled bicycle inner tubes with high quality fabrics including natural latex and Swarovski Crystals.

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