Powr Cupl: Vegan Newlyweds to Travel the World for 6 Months

pwr cupl

Powr Cupl is Darlene and Fat who are both vegan, into health and fitness, love to travel, and are passionate about helping others.

Their goal is to inspire couples to grow stronger together—in their relationship, in business, in fitness, or any other way they define “strength”.

They are getting married on December 11th, and the very next day will leave behind the comforts of home to travel abroad for six months. They plan to rent out their condo, find a foster home for their dog, sell both cars, and get rid a ton of personal belongings as they venture out to see what the world has to offer while growing their relationship as a newlyweds.

Powr Cupl will be a place where they document their journey around the world, but they quickly realized they wanted it be much more than that. They didn’t just want to share their own stories and experiences, they want to seek out and share other power couples’ stories so they can learn from them and use them as a way to motivate and inspire other couples.

They have also created a line of Powr Cupl apparel to help promote their message and build a community of other Power Couples.

More information: powrcupl.com

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