Vegan Vacationista Launches Travel Blog

Jessica Percy Campbell

Isla Mujeres Turtle Sanctuary. Photo by Susan Campbell


“Because vegan travel shouldn’t have to be a struggle!”

Jessica Percy Campbell, the Vegan Vacationista, is a Canadian world-traveler seeking to discover the best plant-based options on the planet. The site will review vegan-friendly restaurants, festivals, luxury resorts and hotels, and of course, provide travel tips for fellow adventurers all over the world.

Sections will include easy recipes, trip reviews, the chronicles of “Momzilla and the Brat” (award-winning travel writer Susan Campbell and Jessica’s travel triumphs and misadventures), and finally, a “wall of shame” that showcases some of the awful vegan options for high prices at various restaurants visited by our viewers (for example, a plate of baby spinach with no dressing for $17?!).

The old days of dreadful steamed veggies and dry baked potatoes for dinner are over, onward and upward to a new world of culinary innovation: from vegan mac and cheese to vegan buffalo wings and beyond!

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