Miami Beach’s Sushi Garage Menu Will Impress Vegans

Fried Rice Stone Pot

Sushi Garage, in Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour neighborhood is a traditional Japanese restaurant, offering a variety of vegan and vegetarian options for its diners.

Vegans can choose from the Bok Choy, Truffle Shitake Nigiri, Lemon Vegetarian Roll, Kappa Roll, Vegetable Roll, Shishito or the Watercress Salad with no dressing to name a few. Vegetarians can eat all the above plus the Vegetable Tempura and Avocado Tempura.

Sushi Garage honors true Japanese culinary philosophy by utilizing the freshest and finest ingredients, with bold and innovative takes on traditional classics. Making sure each diner gets the full Sushi Garage experience from start to finish.

Address: 1784 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Web Address:

Sushi Garage Interior

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