Australia’s Going Vegan

Vegan Pub Food

Vegan Pub Food

Australians are renowned as a nation of meat eaters. They love a steak. They love some chops. They love bacon and eggs. How would you feel about giving up the lot? Darren Cutrupi did just that and embraced a vegan diet overnight.  Darren turned to veganism when his doctor told him he was so overweight that he was in serious trouble. He discovered that veganism not only helped him lose weight but improved his health dramatically. In just six weeks, in combination with exercise, his dangerously high triglycerides, blood sugar levels and cholesterol dropped to healthy levels. Not only did Darren improve his health but he improved his life by learning how to cook and grow his own veggies. He now posts his delicious vegan recipes on his website Read more

Another Sydney pub has gone vegan

Plant-based eaters, rejoice! The East Sydney Hotel, the famously old-school boozer in Woolloomooloo has decided to break with tradition and go vegan. The corner pub – which has been pouring beers to Sydneysiders for a cool 90-years – and its head chef Sini Kiialainen are making the move to woo plant-based eaters with a total redux of the menu. Kiialainen who is a vegan, noticed a trend towards plant-based eating and also found it difficult to find places where animal-free meals were the star instead of being a side dish. Read more

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