How two carnivores survived a vegan eco-resort in California

Stanford Inn by the Sea

“This is an awfully long way to go eat vegetables,” joked my husband. Still, the four-hour drive from San Francisco had been a pleasant journey. We passed romantic Napa Valley vineyards, cloaks of towering redwoods, and finally the road opened to unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean along California’s coastal Highway 1.

Most guests are not vegan

We received surprised looks from our Dallas friends when we announced our plans for an all plant-based vacation in California. Our interest in Stanford Inn began a year ago upon the release of the Dining at The Ravens cookbook (published by Dallas publishing house BenBella Vegan, ( Their award-winning vegan restaurant was named after the handsome black birds regularly circling the property. We loved the recipes so much we incorporated them into our monthly meal rotations at home.

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