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milo+nicki Debuts Cruelty-free, Ethically-designed Womenswear Collection

milo nicki

milo nicki

milo+nicki (www.milonicki.com), is a new cruelty-free, ethically-designed womenswear line. milo+nicki makes dreamy, natural fiber handwoven silhouettes for the eco-conscious woman.

Nicki and Milo (her pup) are an energetic, indomitable duo that love hard and care deeply about people and the planet. They are based in Austin, deep in the heart of Texas! Their lives have been full of highs and lows (especially in health), evolving bodies, and many life struggles, but they have never skipped a beat on lifting each other up.

They want to bring that same happiness, confidence, and authenticity to women all over the world! Through their made in NY, ethically-designed in ATX pieces, they hope to empower you, the ever-evolving woman, to conquer your fears, take a leap of faith, never give up on yourself, and live a life full of color.

By combining their vibrant, cultural roots with their passion for sustainability, living cruelty-free, and their bold personalities, they hope you feel strong, confident, and empowered while tackling all things thrown your way while letting your true colors shine.

As women, we feel pressure to play multiple roles may be it be a daughter, mother, sister, employee, spouse, colleague, etc. We’re taught to be competitive rather than supportive, and we’re held to higher standards.

With this we lose ourselves. But we don’t need to.

We are strong, beautiful, independent, confident, courageous, loving, and caring. We can do it all. Let’s share it, let’s flaunt it! Why not?!

Just like the untold stories we carry, what we wear is something more than a piece of cloth.

It has history, meaning, roots, sweat, and tears. The sacrifices in each piece of cloth is an untold story, but with milo+nicki, we hope to bring these hidden truths to the surface and build an awareness that drives the ethical and sustainable fashion movement.

Their first collection is live on Kickstarter now.

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