Vegan Wine 101

women drinking wine

You’re probably thinking how could wine not be vegan — wine is just fermented grapes and yeast, right?

Wrong! And our friends over at Vivino were wondering the same thing, so they sat down with veteran vegan winemaker Jon Grant of Couloir Wines to get the (paperless, of course) spreadsheet on what makes “vegan wine” actually vegan and what to look out for when shopping around Vivino.

When shopping for vegan sips, Joe says to make sure:

  • “Unfined & Unfiltered” is on the bottle’s label (Fining and filtering agents are traditionally made from animal products such as egg shells and egg whites)
  • Avoid fake vegan wine from vineyards like Jenny & Francois Selections or Louis Dressner Selections
  • Don’t assume all “natural” or “biodynamic” wines are vegan; most “biodynamic” vineyards still use animal byproducts as fertilizers

Check out more legit-vegan wines and the full rundown from Jon, here:

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