Corn You Believe These Delicious Veg Dishes?

yaki toumoro koshi - Japanese sweet corn with shiso butter

Many people hear Japanese food and think only of sushi – not exactly a vegetarian’s first choice. Contemporary Japanese restaurant, Zuma Las Vegas, offers various vegetarian options for everyone to enjoy.

Located in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the new dining hot spot offers vegetarian dishes such as the kinoko no kama meshi, a rice hot pot with wild mushrooms and Japanese vegetables. Hot pot is a popular dish in Japan, and a signature at Zuma, served in a cast-iron vessel.

Another amazing vegetarian dish yaki toumoro koshi. The sweetcorn dish is cooked on Zuma’s custom-made robata grill and is made with shisho butter, ponzu sauce and Japanese spices.

The extensive menu offers various vegetable maki rolls for the sushi lover or salads including the popular hourensou no goma including steamed Japanese spinach with sesame dressing.

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