A New Summertime Treat – VeganSmart Peaches & Cream

peaches n cream

Remember the days of wishing for the ice cream man to show up on your street? How about all the different types of ice cream he sold? Can you taste your favorite yet? We can, and VeganSmart has made a healthier version of it thanks to superstar surfer, Tia Blanco! Peaches and Cream, Tia’s first signature flavor, is inspired by those childhood trips to your beloved ice cream man.

Peaches and Cream. Tia’s new VeganSmart flavor reminds her of her favorite summer treat, orange dreamsicles.  “I haven’t had an orange dreamsicle in over a decade because they’re so unhealthy, but I loved the taste so much, I couldn’t resist sharing it,” she says of her new flavor. Not only was Peaches and Cream inspired by her childhood, but it makes a great addition to any acai bowl.  After any good surfing session, an acai bowl is a must and Tia’s no exception. Tia’s favorite acai bowl recipe includes bananas, almond milk, acai, and Tia’s VeganSmart Peaches and Cream topped with granola, coconut, and almonds.

Learn more about VeganSmart team member, Tia Blanco.

Tia Blanco surfer

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