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Hound & Hammer Releases Men’s Vegan Boot

The Grover-Vegan | Charcoal

The Grover-Vegan | Charcoal

Southern California-based men’s footwear brand, Hound & Hammer, has just released a new vegan boot.

Introducing the Grover-Vegan.  The company took their most comfortable, best-selling style and replaced the leather uppers with a burnished course-weave canvas, and swapped the calf linings for a super soft 6-ounce cotton canvas.  And though it is completely non-leather, you don’t have to be a vegan to appreciate it’s rugged good looks….light weight and breathable materials make it the perfect option for the summer months.

The Grover-Vegan retails for $99. Available in 3 colors: Charcoal, Sage Brown, and Sandstone.

Visit website: https://houndandhammer.com/collections/grover-vegan

The Grover-Vegan

The Grover-Vegan boot