leCupboard, Planting Vegan Vending Machines Across the US

leCupboard meals

leCupboard seeks to turn the food system rightside up!

Each dish has been designed to give you a full range of nutrition and to embrace the ingredients’ natural healing properties for your mind and body. Meals are brought to you at an accessible price, challenging the notion that health costs. And, most of all, the meals are delicious, inviting you to crave.

An example is “le Koh Samui” – a Thai mango and cashew salad with bean sprouts, roasted red pepper, basil and scallion topped with cashews, and a peanut chili-lime dressing.

By inviting leCupboard meals into your daily food choices, you’re being responsible not only to yourself, but to all who have brought this meal to you, soil to plate. Under the current food and retail industries, the norm is to accept compromises at the loss of health and sustainability, so leCupboard is attempting to turn things around.

Currently available in the San Francisco area, plans are to roll out 30 of the machines in the next three months – and up to 200 across the country after that.

More information: https://www.lecupboard.com/

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lecupboard vending machine

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