The Pure Panda: Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Search Tool Has Launched

The Pure Panda

The Pure Panda is a search tool designed to help consumers locate cruelty-free, vegan beauty and lifestyle products globally. The service is unique and is the most convenient way to find vegan makeup, skin care, hair care, household products and more.

The website was created by vegan couple and animal rights activists Rose Patterson from the UK and Charlez Kwan from Hong Kong. They found it difficult to find vegan cosmetics and household products when living in Hong Kong and traveling so they decided to solve the problem themselves.

Rose said “there are already many websites and blogs with information on cruelty-free brands but there is still a lot of research required to find out where to buy the products and which brands have vegan options. The Pure Panda is designed to make it convenient to find this information so there is no excuse not to go cruelty-free! There are still many more brands to add to the site – this is just the beginning!”

The need for this service is more evident now than ever before with shoppers becoming increasingly aware of the cruel and unnecessary animal testing practices of many major brands and the rise in the number of people adopting a vegan lifestyle – choosing not to consume, wear or use any animal-derived products.

The Pure Panda aims to promote cruelty-free brands, encourage consumers to choose those brands and end the practice of animal testing.

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