Help Stop the University of Missouri from Killing Pigs

pigs in cage

Right now, healthy pigs are scheduled to die in the University of Missouri-Columbia’s (Mizzou) emergency medicine residency animal lab. They need your help to save them … before it’s too late!

We urge you to make a gift to PCRM right now. Any membership gift amount will make a tremendous difference for these animals.

We know PCRM can win this battle because of their track record in getting programs to switch from animals to simulators. Just last month PCRM convinced South Pointe Hospital in Ohio that its emergency medicine residents should be trained using only cruelty-free, human-relevant methods—not live dogs.

The cruelty going on is heartbreaking. It’s hard to believe this still happens when it’s widely known that it’s more effective to train on simulators than animals.

In training sessions, Mizzou emergency medicine residents make incisions into a live pig’s throat and chest, and cut into the pig’s veins. Then they insert needles and tubes and spread their ribs to practice cardiac procedures, which includes operating right on the animal’s heart! The pigs are killed and then the final procedure is performed.

Don’t let any more pigs die in these training labs!

Your donation will help PCRM reach their $26,000 goal—so that they can stay on track and fully fund this effort and all of their other lifesaving campaigns that help animals and people.

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