Oojra Launches Soy Line of Slow Burning Luxury Candles


The luxury home fragrance brand Oojra has launched their premium Soy Candle Collection to help bring serenity to the new year.

Each hand poured, vegan soy wax candle is imbued with pure essential oils in an array of revitalizing aromas they’ve curated from exotic locales the world over.

The unique, non-toxic soy formula is safe to burn and lasts much longer than traditional wax, adding a luminous glow to one’s space for up to 75 hours of enjoyment.

“Most ‘soy wax’ and ‘soy blend’ candles still contain paraffin, which has all sorts of toxic and carcinogenic effects,” explains Oojra founder CJ Lemky. “I wanted a candle that was truly toxin free and easy on the land so you can feel at peace burning it for yourself and your families.”

Soy Candle Highlights:

Revitalizing – Utilizes natural mood boosting essential oils for a more authentic fragrance
Long-Lasting – Soy burns much cooler and longer than traditional waxes
Environmentally-Friendly — Vegan soy wax is free of soot, toxins, carcinogens, pollutants, parabens, and phthalates; and their cotton wicks are free of lead and zinc
Timeless – The creamy white soy wax is perfectly complemented by a modern vessel for a touch of decadence
Diverse – Choose from five fragrances: French Provence Lavender, Thai Jasmine Bamboo, Australian Eucalyptus, Canadian Christmas Tree, and Japanese Cherry Blossom

This new collection is available as a 3-Wick Candle and Travel Set.

The 3-Wick Candle boasts a modern matte black vessel that will instantly transform the ambiance of one’s powder room into that of a five-star hotel.

The Travel Set comes with three candles, each with its own fragrance, to help its users relax, find their center, and gather energy anywhere from the office to the hotel room.

Whether they want to slip away to a French countryside or wander through a snowy wood, these fragrant candles will transport their worries and cares to a whole new world.

Visit website: http://oojra.com

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