NFL’s Vegan Movement and the Chef helping with the New Lifestyle

Derrick Morgan

Chef Charity Morgan, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate who, when faced with the challenge of preparing Vegan meals for her family, ended up cooking for some of the NFL’s leading players.

As the Vegan movement grows in popularity and athletes look for solutions to important health issues and preventative health maintenance, Chef Charity is preparing nourishing meals to help these athletes adopt a lifestyle change that will lead to a better quality of life on and off the field.

A Vegan diet for endurance athletes isn’t really all that different from a healthy diet with the exception of animal proteins, but it can be tough. High-performance professional athletes require more protein, complex carbohydrates, and other nutrients to get stronger, faster and more resilient.

When Chef Charity’s husband Derrick Morgan, a first round draft pick for the TN Titans, decided to become Vegan, Charity was nervous; she was faced with unknown challenges of designing a nutritious diet, the social ramifications of this lifestyle change and, like the majority of people, had misconceptions of veganism.

Wanting to support her husband’s drive to protect his body and mind with alternative solutions like nutrition, pilates and alternative healing; she also had to think about her two picky eaters under the age of five.

Fortunately, Chef Charity’s training and confidence in the kitchen inspired her to covert her Le Cordon Bleu skills into plant-based dishes that incorporate family traditions into her dishes. Having a Creole and Puerto Rican background, Charity found ways to use sofrito and other quintessential Cajun ingredients to create inspired vegan dishes such as jambalaya, empanadas and countless other dishes inspired by her travels around the globe.

Experimenting with healthy, non-acidic and widely used global ingredients, Chef Charity transformed not just her family’s diet, but is a trailblazer for a new and growing community of athletes and wives who are embracing a plant-based lifestyle.

Wesley Woodyard, Jurrell Casey, Tye Smith and DaQuan Jones from the Tennessee Titans are some of the players who can verify an increase in energy on and off the field since Chef Charity started designing meals for them; and who have been experiencing greater mental clarity, improved recovery rates, faster muscled response time, a decrease in inflammation, muscle strength and an overall increase in speed.

Chef Charity’s recipes can be found on Instgram at @chefcharitymorgan

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