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Vegan Food Tours

Vegan Food Tours is a group of young and inspired veggie-munchers on a mission to show you just how satisfying plants can be! Starting with Barcelona, London, and Amsterdam (and soon in cities such as Tallin, Berlin, Paris, Porto, Lisbon and Copenaghen), they guide hungry people from around the world towards a more sustainable, ethical and healthy way of stuffing their faces in top-notch restaurants.

By showcasing the best of the best each city has to offer, their tours demonstrate that in today’s world it is not only possible to be vegan – it’s downright delicious! Whether you’re a seasoned veggie (no pun intended), just getting into the lifestyle, or simply looking for and awesome eating experience in a vibrant city – Vegan Food Tours has done the digging so that you don’t have to.

Each of their tours is focused around authentic cuisine representing its specific destination. From rich and creamy Dutch pralines in Amsterdam to a Full English Breakfast in London, Paella in Barcelona to Mulgipuder in Tallinn, this is the perfect way to show your friends and family that vegan food is much more than carrot sticks and lettuce.

“While we have to admit, we did very much enjoy the tough job of selecting the most mouth-watering meals and probably wouldn’t mind doing some more on-site research… We’re ready to spill the beans (sorry can’t help it) about how to feast like a vegan pro in our first four locations! Can’t wait to see you there!”

Vegan Food Tours offers a service for vegans and non-vegans who are interested in knowing the vegan scene in different cities of Europe where they are located. Thanks to their knowledge as locals they offer tours through the best restaurants, emblematic places of each city, vegan shops, vegan markets, etc. Little by little they have increased their community and participation in the vegan world, mainly because their clients have understood that they are also highly committed to vegan activism and lifestyle as a healthy, sustainable and respectful way to live.

Vegan Food Tours

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Vegan Food Tours

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