Collection of Matsu Wines Suitable for Vegans

Matsu wines

The European Vegetarian Union has awarded the V-Label certificate to the wines El Pícaro, El Recio and El Viejo elaborated in the DO Toro.

The Matsu wine collection has received the V-Label certification granted by the European Vegetarian Union. This seal determines that these wines are suitable for the vegan consumer.

In this regard, Bodegas Matsu has eliminated all the ingredients and additives of animal origin (eggs, dairy products, honey, animal fats, etc.) from the manufacturing process. As a result, the references El Pícaro, El Recio and El Viejo are 100% suitable for vegans and will soon incorporate the distinctive V-Label onto their labeling.

Matsu has always been characterized by trying to respect the natural processes as much as possible and to applying the minimum intervention. With this European certificate, the winery has gone a step further by addressing the new demands of consumers.

Matsu El Pícaro, El Recio and El Viejo

Matsu, which in Japanese means to wait, is the project that the Vintae wine company produces in the D.O. Toro. Organic wines that respect the tradition and authenticity of the region. With the Matsu trilogy, Vintae wanted to pay tribute to all the wine growers who, for generations, have devoted their efforts, wisdom, respect and sacrifice to working the vineyards.

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