Vegetable “Steaks” – the Prime Cuts of 2018

Datz Caulifornication

Datz Caulifornication

A variety of vegetable “steaks” are now being served at restaurants across the country. Creative chefs are embracing plant-based entrees and transforming everything from beets to cauliflower into savory and filling vegetarian filets.

Here is a brief rundown of crave-worthy vegetable cuts around the country:

Datz (Tampa, FL)
Caulifornication – Datz’s famous over-the-top comfort food dishes aren’t just for meat-lovers! The restaurant’s vegetarian-friendly “burger” combines a crispy cauliflower steak, Sriracha aioli, hemp hummus, pickled veggies, arugula and tomato on a sweet sourdough bun.

BLT Prime by David Burke (Washington D.C.)
Chef David Burke
Cauliflower Steak with cauliflower couscous with almonds apples & raisins

Geraldine’s (Austin, Texas)
Chef Stephen Bonin
Bourbon Glazed Cauliflower Steak with pistachio gremolata, pepper-ash mayo, orange herb salad, preserved lemon-ginger dressing

WesBurger ‘N’ More (San Francisco, CA)
Wes Rowe
Cauliflower Steak – with cauliflower, house dressing, chermoula, radish and fried shallots.

High Street on Hudson (New York NY)
Executive Chef Sean McPaul
Vegetarian Beet Steak with lentils, toasted barley, currants

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