If Willy Wonka Were Vegan… this would be his favorite place!

livity bar

Livity in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood is now open as the city’s only health-conscious social lounge in a new 7,500-square foot space right next door to Concord Music Hall on Milwaukee Avenue. Founder Corey Kelly, a master yogi, nutrition, and life coach, is excited to provide a one-stop shop for busy professionals looking to feed their mind, body, and spirit. “It’s just come out of necessity,” said Kelly. “When I started a yoga center in 2007, I found that people were always asking, ‘Where are we going after this?’. Livity is that place where you don’t need membership. Anyone can come in.”

Kelly and a team of instructors lead a variety of classes, including yoga and meditation, but that’s only part of the Livity experience. Whether they’re working out or not, patrons can enjoy a locally-sourced kombucha bar with zero-proof herbal cocktails, psychedelic ceilings, trippy projections, and murals painted by well-known Chicago-area artists, including Jason Brammer. Coming soon, a gourmet, gluten-free vegan kitchen with an 84-seat lounge.

With classes starting as late as 9:30pm, Kelly is positioning Livity to become the city’s go-to alternative to the typical night out. “It creates a social avenue. There are a lot of people who don’t drink or have challenges in their past with alcohol and the bar environment. You’re used to getting something on tap, but this is a lot healthier for you.”

Livity embraces a “come as you are” attitude, encouraging people of all fitness levels to leave judgement and insecurity at the door, including men who are often intimidated by yoga’s flexibility factor. “When you can break down your mind and let the class be what it is, and then you come out and have all these people around you who are feeling amazing and have a positive mindset and a positive attitude… there’s really no failure in a class,” said Kelly.

Livity has classes available seven days a week. Rates start at just $10 per session. Unlimited memberships are as low as $99 per month for a limited time. Visit livitychicago.com for times and information.

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