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Vegan Wines Launches All Vegan Wine Club

Owner and Founder Frances Gonzalez
Owner and Founder Frances Gonzalez
Owner and Founder Frances Gonzalez
Owner and Founder Frances Gonzalez

Vegan Wines has launched the U.S.’s first all-vegan wine club, offering rare and small-scale wines that are free of any animal ingredients or inputs, from the soil to the vine to the glass.

Vegan Wines focuses on smaller, boutique vineyards and wineries, from viticultural regions around the world, and goes directly to the source to find top-quality wines that are vegan from the soil to the fining and filtering processes.

Wine production may involve many animal products, making the end product unsuitable for vegans. These include isinglass (from fish bladders), gelatin (from animal hooves and sinews), chitosan (from crustaceans), albumin (from eggs), and casein (from milk). These ingredients, which are not disclosed on labels, can also be a concern to people with severe food allergies.

Vegan Wines takes the added responsibility of ensuring no animal products are used to enrich and fertilize soil. Vineyards may use slaughterhouse byproducts such as animal blood, bone, or feathers, and waste from processing fish. While organic or biodynamic agriculture is undoubtedly more environmentally friendly, these methods are not necessarily animal friendly, and still rely on animal remains.

Vegan wine club options are available in Europe, but Vegan Wines is the first to bring the concept to U.S. drinkers. Founder Frances Gonzalez, a long-time vegan and wine enthusiast, found herself frustrated seeking out vegan wines in restaurants and retail stores, and frustrated by a lack of transparency in the wine industry. She personally travels to wineries to ensure their winemaking methods are completely free from animal products.

“The best vegan wines tend to come from small family-owned wineries, because they have the time and patience to nurture their grapes, whereas large corporate wineries use animal products as shortcuts to meet the demands of mass production,” said Gonzales. “Vegan Wines will expose our wine club members to amazing-quality vintages made by lesser-known wineries, ones that definitely cannot be found on store shelves.”

Wine club members will receive three bottles of wine every two months, with the option to purchase additional bottles online at a discount. Each shipment includes detailed notes on all wines, original recipes developed to pair perfectly with each bottle, and other perks. Members will also have early and/or exclusive access to wine/food events hosted by Vegan Wines and its partner organizations.

Retail prices of most bottles range from $30 to $45, and in the future, a higher membership tier will be available to wine lovers seeking more exclusive brands and varietals at a higher price point.

To join or for more information visit http://veganwines.com.