Vegan Sex: Dump Your Meds and Jump in Bed

Vegan Sex

Can the Foods You Eat Affect Your Sex Life? In their new release cardiologist Joel Kahn and author/runner Ellen Jaffe Jones present a convincing case for how a plant-based diet can supercharge your sex life and obliterate erectile dysfunction (ED).

Kahn candidly explains how a vegan diet increases vascular health, which can transform flaccid into fireworks. Noting that ED can be an early precursor of future arterial damage, he outlines a healthy lifestyle that’s not only good for your heart but is also a prescription for romance.

Jones offers sage advice on relationships, discusses which exercises make sex more satisfying, identifies which foods are the best aphrodisiacs, and explains why vegan sex toys rule. Also included are real-life accounts of people who have benefited from these recommendations firsthand, proving that a healthy vegan diet is key for kicking the bedroom blues and enjoying erotic aerobic excitement.

Beverly Lynn Bennett contributes an inspired collection of sumptuous recipes that will ignite your passions and seduce your senses, in both the kitchen and the boudoir. Get ready to put love back on the menu!

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Vegan Sex

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