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Interview with @ArtsyAgnes, Vegan Ballerina & Instagram Star

artsy agnes
artsy agnes
Photo credit: Brienne Michelle Photography

Agnes Muljadi, known as the ‘vegan ballerina’, has made a name for herself through her stunning ballet skills combined with her health/wellness/vegan stance on life. Here we interview Instagram star @ArtsyAgnes (with over half a million followers on Instagram).

How long have you been vegan and why did you go vegan?

I have been vegan almost 5 years. I became vegan because I had severe hormonal imbalance and started developing breast fibroadenomas. My naturopath recommended that I go plant based immediately.

What results/benefits have you seen by going vegan?

One of the biggest benefits I’ve seen is that I don’t ever get sick. I have so much more energy and endurance. I also feel more at peace with myself and it’s easier for me to stay focused.

Are there any foods you miss?  If so, how do you deal with it?

I get asked this question a lot and although I became vegan literally overnight, it was a very easy and natural transition for me. I was already a vegetarian for a few years before I became vegan and honestly I never had any food cravings even in the beginning. Vegan food and substitutes just taste so much better and I think over the years I’ve changed my palette.

Do you find any challenges being vegan?

Honestly I didn’t really have any challenges transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. I was even surprised at how easy it all was for me. I think I’m lucky because I live in LA and the vegan scene has just been exploding. So it was very easy for me to make the transition because of the overwhelming support and resources I received from the local vegan community.

What is your typical breakfast?

I work hard to only eat raw in the morning – I feel it starts my body off in the right direction each day.  Currently my go-to is a green juice with wheatgrass and kale. I also like to have cucumber with a collard green salad.  My breakfasts are pretty green!

What are some favorite vegan “treats” you allow yourself?

I’ve found that my body doesn’t tolerate sugar very well. I typically become very tired and lethargic so I stay away from treats most of the time. But once in a while I do treat myself to a Raw Rainbow Flan at AuLac DTLA it’s the best vegan treat ever!

What’s your favorite quick energy snack to tide you over if you’re hungry between meals?

By far, my favorite for quick energy is a protein shake. I like banana, spinach and hemp protein, it will give you energy like nothing else!

Can you recommend any cruelty-free cosmetic products that you use?

Oh yes! A few of my favorite brands are Measurable Difference, Zuzu Luxe, Lippy Girl and, 100% Pure.

Do you have any favorite vegan fashion brands?

I have quite a few favorites but my top picks would have to be Bead & Reel, Tastemaker Supply, Miakoda New York, Toko Toko, BHAVA, and Symbology.

Have you been inspired by any other vegans?  If so, who?

Ellen DeGeneres always inspires me with her wit and humor, but I especially appreciate her straightforward facts about veganism. It’s an inspiration to see her use her platform for charitable and social responsibility too.

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking of going vegan?

Being able to realize the power that our daily choices and actions have is a crucial. Knowing that our lifestyle determines our outcome. It is also important to do your research! Spend time educating yourself on topics like factory farming so that you’re making the best decision for you.