Interview with Vegan Chef Jessica Carter of Compassion Over Killing

Chef Jessica Carter and Elysabeth Alfano

Chef Jessica Carter and Elysabeth Alfano

By Elysabeth Alfano

Every Wednesday I do a cooking demo in my kitchen on my Facebook Live page.  I love it when the roles are reversed and I have guest chefs in the house.  Vegan Chef and Lifestyle Coach of Compassion Over Killing Jessica Carter stopped by to make a killer umami salad.  And as Jess likes to say, “When eating your vegetables, eat the rainbow!”

First Jess cooks and then we dish.  Tips on how to go vegan? Why you should bother? We got your number! And for the most fun, the tables will be reversed on September 15 when Jess has me in her “kitchen” and I cook at DC Veg Fest.  I hope you can join us! Listen in and watch our interview or for more information, visit

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