Vegan Invasion – Arizona’s first vegan hot dog cart

vegan invasion food cart

By Fanny Bernard

A Vegan walks up to a hot dog cart,
V-“What vegan options do you have available?”
-“Vegan? Like no meat?”
V-“Correct, but also like no dairy or any animals products. Just plant-based options?”
-“Umm… we have chips and pickles?”

It’s no surprise that the vegan diet was predicted to be the biggest food trend of 2018. From celebrities to countries advocating this lifestyle, to those who have simply implemented meatless Monday’s into their weekly routines. Veganism is making its way into everyday lives and it’s only becoming more and more popular.

On the contrary, vegans are faced with a challenge when choosing to eat out. Sure, many restaurants have vegan options and offer substitutions but they are limited in what they offer. People eat out for fun, to celebrate or to enjoy themselves. When you’re out you see random hot dog carts and street food easily accessible for all to enjoy, except vegans. Why can’t vegans casually walk up to a hot dog cart and have options available for them? And no, chips and pickles are not a satisfying meal alternative.

Vegan Invasion is Arizona’s first, exclusively vegan not-dog cart. They have created a menu featuring gourmet vegan not-dogs that consist of cruelty-free links and are garnished with organic and locally sourced toppings. Wherever there’s a crowd of people, there is food to be served and enjoyed. Their food cart is fully packed and loaded with all of the vegan goods, from gourmet not-dogs, roasted veggie Buddhy Bowls, to sweet empanadas, chocolate chip cookies and other snacks. Finally, a food cart that serves mindfully sourced vegan food. Vegan Invasion has featured at events and festivals such as PHX Vegan Fest, Southwest Veg Fest, Sweet Salvage and HUSS Brewery. They also have weekly pop-ups and monthly events where they appear. The Vegan Invasion food cart isn’t just for vegans; carnivores love them too!

Instagram: @veganinvasionmeals
Facebook: @veganinvasiontogo
Twitter: @vegan_invasion
Phone: (602) 456-1106

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