Watch A Flower Bloom Right Before Your Eyes In Your Tea

Watch A Flower Bloom In Your Tea

Why are you brewing when you could be blooming? Most teas are made from tea leaves where you brew them and enjoy, but brewing tea is so ordinary. Why not bloom it instead with tea from Flower Pot Tea Company!

Flower Pot Tea Company combines delicious and healthy tea with beautiful flowers to create some of the prettiest and tastiest tea you will ever drink. These creative teas come wrapped in colorful foil with a surprise inside! While you steep the tea for 3-5 minutes you will watch the magic happen. The tea leaves open up, revealing a gorgeous flower inside and making this tea experience Instagram-worthy!

Their Enlightening Lotus Tisane blossoms with a unique, golden honey aroma that evolves with subtle herbaceous finish. Grown only in a single plantation adjoining a Buddhist temple, these golden flowers make for a truly extraordinary gift.

While these teas are truly a thing of beauty, they are healthy too. Flower Pot Tea Company picks the youngest tea leaves because they are loaded with health benefits and are the least processed. The tea is hand sewn around flowers like lotuses and roses and the ball is steamed with natural fruit juice, further adding to its unique and wonderful flavor.Flower Pot Tea Company also offers a caffeine-free indulgence, floral tisanes, which are pure, beautiful flowers that deliver surprising and unexpected flavors.

Flower Pot Tea Company’s Beautiful Offerings:

  • Teas – So many delicious flavors to choose from including Brilliant Berry, Coconut Escape, Real Jasmine, Powerful Pomegranate and more.
  • Cakes – What’s tea, without cake? Flower Pot Tea Company’s Rose Butter Cake comes in individually wrapped ladylike little cakes that are soft, chewy and a little sticky-sweet.
  • Glassware – If you’re going to drink something this pretty, you just can’t use an ordinary teapot. These gorgeous glass creations let you see the flowers in all their glory.

Flower Pot Tea Company’s founders drank a lot of tea as they traveled the world, enjoying the aromas, the tastes, the whole sensual experience. They wanted to share what they found and started the Flower Pot Tea Company to do just that. For more information visit

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