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Refined Sugar-free Red Velvet Energy Balls

Red Velvet Energy Balls

Red Velvet Energy Balls

By Jennifer Zee

I make these balls when I have leftover beets in the refrigerator. Makes: 16 balls


1 cooked beet
1/2 cup Raw Almond Butter
1/2 tbsp Turmeric powder
3 pitted Dates
3 tbsp organic maple syrup
1 tbsp Chia Seeds
4 tsp Cacao powder
Pinch of Sea Salt
Coconut flakes (to roll balls in)


In a blender on a low setting, blend all ingredients except for the coconut flakes.  Roll small portions of batter into balls and roll balls over coconut flakes in a bowl.  Place in container in the refrigerator and enjoy anytime!  These beauties last up to 1 week in the refrigerator so make them at the beginning of your week to have on hand as a quick go-to snack when life gets hectic.

Jennifer Zee is a plant-based performance coach and the founder of Plant Based & Happy.  Recently, she launched her largest project yet, an online summit: Mastering Your Life With Plant-based Nutrition. More information at Plant Based & Happy , www.jenniferzee.com or connect via Instagram at @plantbasednhappy and her Podcast: https://anchor.fm/jennifer-zee—plant-based–happy