Clean Goes Green with NatureZway Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


Imagine a perforated towel so absorbent and durable that each sheet can be hand-rinsed up to 100 times! Or a roll of aroma-free 2-ply bath tissues that are at once irresistibly soft and surprisingly strong. Or perhaps a collection of sponges, brushes and floor wipes that clean far better and last far longer than their conventional counterparts.

And then imagine not only making all of these highly-innovative products with rayon from bamboo, but showing your love of pandas by only using a type of bamboo that everybody’s favorite furry friends in China never consume.

Well, luckily for us and the planet we all live on, an industrious entrepreneur named Sean Solouki did far more than simply imagine such a family of products – three years ago, he made them a reality.

NatureZway ( is a rapidly-growing line of eco-friendly cleaning products made of bamboo and other renewable materials that were created specifically to combine superior all-natural quality and affordable pricing as never before.

Bamboo Rules!

Most commonly native to warm and moist tropical environments in the Pacific Asia region (though also found in South and Central America, Mexico and even the Southeastern United States), bamboo is one of nature’s greatest gifts to the planet (not to mention many of its two and four-legged residents!).

In addition to being a vital source of food for pandas and other animals and a highly durable material for construction, bamboo (part of the grass family with some species growing 3 feet in one day!) is easily renewable and matures in only three years; takes up less land space and requires less water than trees; grows without the need for pesticides; reduces soil erosion and greenhouse gases; and captures more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or cotton.

Making A Clean Break From Unhealthy Cleaning Products

Committed to offering consumers a welcome alternative to chemical-based cleaning products that are anything  but clean themselves, NatureZway manufactures a wide array of items designed to protect people and the     planet. Product categories include:

Perforated Towels (Rayon Made From Bamboo) – Perfect for kitchen and bathroom use, carpets, upholstery and more, NatureZway towels are safe on all surfaces; work and feel like cloth towels; and – as mentioned above – can be hand-rinsed up to 100 times. NatureZway also manufactures Ultimate Shop Towels which are 10 times stronger

than conventional shop towels and are designed to clean carpets, liquids, oil, upholstery and more in the home, garage, manufacturing plant or wherever a powerhouse cleaning towel will come in handy.

Bath Tissue (Made From 100% Bamboo Pulp) – Septic safe; free of recycled materials or artificial fragrances; extremely soft and absorbent.

Sponges (Rayon Made From Bamboo) – Ideal for stove tops, dishes, kitchen counters and bathrooms; lasting far longer than foam sponges; made entirely from plant-based materials; and exceptionally absorbent.

All-Purpose Cleaning Cloth (Rayon Made From Bamboo) – Soft and non-scratch; long-lasting; safe on all surfaces.

Floor Wipes (Rayon Made From Bamboo) – Fits most brand-name sweepers; durable and absorbent; ready for use dry or wet in the kitchen, bathroom or virtually anywhere in the house.

Bamboo Brushes – Featuring handles made from bamboo and natural fiber bristles made from the Tampico plant, varieties include a vegetable brush; dish brush; and an all-purpose bottle, sports cup and travel mug brush.

Other popular NatureZway products include Compostable Bags (kitchen, produce and lawn), Compostable Pet Waste Bags; and Compostable Food Prep Gloves.

The Most Effective (And Cost-Effective) Products of Their Kind On The Planet

Unlike many of his fellow green-trepreneurs, NatureZway founder and CEO Sean Solouki was hardly an environmental role model for most of his life (“Even basic recycling was fairly low on my to-do list,” he now confesses). And like countless millions of similarly wary consumers, he long assumed that most eco-friendly products were by their very nature more expensive and less effective than their mainstream counterparts.

Fortunately, all that changed a few years ago when Sean realized he was deriving little personal or professional satisfaction from the housewares business he had co-founded and that it was high time to actually benefit the world around him. A trip to China and an eye-opening immersion into all things bamboo provided the inspiration for his next venture – cleaning products that would help protect the planet, out-perform the competition and cost only a fraction more than conventional products (a rarity in the green category).

Three years later, NatureZway products can be found in such chains as Whole Foods, Target, Lowe’s, Kroger, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sprouts, Costco, True Value, Ace, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Gelson’s, as well as online at In addition, NatureZway products are being introduced in schools, military facilities and hospitals nationwide as more and more people embrace the company’s eco-friendly mission and commitment to excellence.

According to Sean, “As NatureZway has evolved over the past few years, I have as well. Today, I care deeply about the environment and helping protect individuals and families from the health dangers associated with chemical-laden cleaning products. And though I’m of course proud that NatureZway has become a must-have brand among those following a green lifestyle, I’m especially pleased that we’re also proving to mainstream consumers that nature’s way of cleaning is better than anything traditional manufacturers could ever formulate on their own.”

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