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Betty [Crocker] Goes Vegan! The Cookbook

Betty Goes Vegan cookbook

Betty Goes Vegan cookbook

What happens when Betty Goes Vegan? Pull out the Aqua Net and your best pair of Silver Lake stilettos. Brooklyn-based authors Annie and Dan Shannon are serving up vegan bacon cheeseburger hash, Greek sliders (with vegan ground beef), “faux cassoulet” (beans, vegan beef broth, Tofurky sausages), spinach Waldorf salad dressing (Vegenaise), and “soy nog” cheesecake. These are American (Betty Crocker?) classics that have been “converted” to the vegan lifestyle. Vegan or not, we have to admit those vegan glazed and powdered sugar doughnuts are looking pretty great right around the morning coffee rush.  READ FULL ARTICLE >>