Robin Quivers to Release Vegan Cookbook in March

Robin Quivers

Radio and TV personality Robin Quivers has written a book about her vegan journey in which she has lost over 70 pounds and gotten healthy.  The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life is coming out this March and available for preorder now.

With a foreward by Russell Simmons, the book synopsis says, “On her sometimes rocky, though endearingly hysterical, path to newfound health, Quivers discovered the power of the produce aisle in changing her body and her mindset. By filling up on soul-quenching, cell-loving vegetables instead of damaging animal products and processed foods, Quivers left behind the injuries, aches, and pains that had plagued her for twenty years. Charting her inspiring road to wellness, The Vegucation of Robin describes her transformation inside and out, and, including ninety of her favorite vegan recipes, she encourages readers to join her in putting their health first. With her signature humor and wit, Quivers builds an undeniable case that the key to living the life you’ve always wanted lies not with your doctor but in your refrigerator. Putting a new face on the pro-veggie movement, Quivers will dazzle readers who want to look good, feel good, and have fun doing it.”

Robin Quivers says: “When I talk to people about food, I say to them, if you have a really great car, what do you do? You take care of it. Your body is the most expensive car you have. Don’t overfuel it. Take care of it. Give it the best fuel you possibly can. But, people say, I like to eat junk food, and I say you’re taking really low-grade gas and putting it in your car and asking it to run at its optimal. And it’s never going to work.”

Check out her vegan cooking video series “Vegucating Robin”:

The Vegucation of Robin book cover

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