Cardiologist Prescribes Vegan Diet for Himself, Urges Patients to do the Same

Dr. Kevin Fullin

Dr. Kevin Fullin

“It’s going to be a little bumpy because we’re disturbing our culture, what we’re used to. When I was young, we used to save the bacon grease in a can. The thing I say is, be easy with each other. Be gentle. Give yourself some room … The gentler you are with yourself, the more likely you are to get the benefit.” — Kenosha cardiologist Dr. Kevin Fullin, on converting to a plant-based diet, which he advocates for reducing obesity, controlling coronary heart disease and other conditions, including diabetes.

Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Fullin, like a growing number of healthcare professionals, lists obesity as one of the “diseases of excess.”

So, it stands to reason he not only would have steered away from fatty, high cholesterol foods in his diet and would all along have advised patients to do so as well.


Dr. Fullin recommends these resources:
Forks Over Knives
The China Study
Six-week nutrition course through the Campbell Foundation and Cornell University

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