Chronic Inflammation and what you can do

chronic inflammation

In chronic inflammation, the body is never able to complete the healing phase of the inflammatory process. Free radical activity causes more and more cells to get damaged, causing the inflammatory fires to spread.

So, here are the factors that cause inflammation to become chronic:

First, inflammation can’t heal if there is a lack of nutrients needed for the healing and repair phase.
Second, chronic tissue irritation from poor diet continually re-irritates tissue and prevent healing.
Third, adrenal fatigue from chronic stress prevents initiation of the healing phase.
Finally, lack of adequate lymphatic drainage prevents the removal of excess fluid from the tissue.

Now that we understand what the inflammatory process is, we can understand what we can do to put out the fires of chronic inflammation:

First, eat a high-nutrient, plant-based diet. Fruits, Vegetables and Beans are astronomically higher in nutrients than meat and dairy. Plant foods heal the body, while meat and dairy products leach essential vitamins and minerals from your bones.
Second, eat a naturally anti-inflammatory whole foods, plant based diet of fruits, vegetables, beans/legumes, whole grains, seeds, herbs and spices.  Avoid meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, plus oil, sugar, salt, flour and caffeine which are all highly inflammatory.
Third, a whole foods, plant-based diet protects against adrenal fatigue and helps you handle every day stresses better as well as giving you steady energy without spikes in blood sugar.
Finally, a plant-based diet, high in water and fiber keeps your body working like it should to eliminate any toxins from tissues.  Meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy contain just fat and protein, with no fiber and few nutrients.  Eating more than 10% protein in your diet puts you at risk for cancer.  Animal products are about 50% protein, while plant foods are about 10% protein.

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