Cruelty at animal factory farms worse than you may think


animal abuse at factory farms

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The days of farm animals peacefully grazing in lush pastures until it was time for them to go to slaughter are long gone. Today, nearly 80 percent of America’s family farms have been replaced by corporate-owned “factory farms,” which has led to more animal abuse and tainting of the food supply than many people may think.

By its very nature, the humane treatment of food animals and factory farming is incompatible. Each year, millions of food animals are bred, grown and slaughtered. The more animals there are and the faster they grow, the bigger the profit margin.

There is virtually no financial incentive to treat food animals humanely, and laws to protect them are either weak or not enforced. The fact that they are living creatures that feel pleasure, pain, and sadness appears to be irrelevant to factory farm business plans.

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