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The Fire Driven Life: Ignite Health, Happiness with a Plant-Based Diet

The Fire Driven Life book cover

The Fire Driven Life book cover

What if you could truly alter how you feel and how you see yourself by simply changing what is at the end of your fork? Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach Vanessa Chamberlin demonstrates how a plant-based lifestyle, combined with loving choices, can completely change your outlook and energy levels in just a few short weeks through her new book, The Fire-Driven Life: How to Ignite the Fire of Self-Worth, Health, and Happiness with a Plant-Based Diet.

In The Fire-Driven Life, Chamberlin creates a simple foundation for igniting health and happiness, centered on a fresh relationship with food and a positive life view. Combining scientific data, common sense and culinary creativity into an easy-to-live-with plan for eating a plant-based diet, Chamberlin takes the complicated formulas and restrictive regiment out of the kitchen and off the plate. Instead, using a simple “rainbow of color” food organization, she attaches easy to remember labels to different foods – what she calls the “PlantFire” diet – based on their metabolic activity: Green-Fire or “go” foods are foods you can eat any time; Yellow-Fire or “caution” and Red-Fire or “stop” foods should be approached cautiously and used sparingly; and No-Fire foods are foods that should be avoided at all costs.

The Fire-Driven Life also shows the reader how easy it is to eat healthy on any budget by providing suggested food shopping lists, grocery store shopping tips, and a variety of great-tasting recipes perfect for both the seasoned cook or a novice lacking confidence.

“My book is a not a standard ‘plant-based’ vegan cookbook,” explains Chamberlin. “It’s a manual for living a ‘Fire-Driven Life,’ which means a life that’s healthy, inspiring and fulfilling. Upon reading the book, I hope you become super-charged to not only change your diet but also become armed with a healthier toolbox that will help fuel every aspect of a your health, happiness, and well being.”

The Fire-Driven Life covers everything you need to find success—and the power to keep moving forward with terrific food, maximum exercise, and the peace that comes from using deep meditation to do the “inside” work. Rarely has a book covered the science of food so well, while offering the inspirational energy of an author who lives the lifestyle she so ably describes.

Vanessa Chamberlin

Broken into three user-friendly sections, The Fire-Driven Life reveals:

Section One of the book begins with the foundation of the PlantFire diet and concludes with some of the most popular Frequently Asked Questions that Chamberlin has received through the years.

Section Two is all about the food, with a variety of recipes listed in nine different categories, from breakfast, entrees and desserts to smoothies, salad, salad dressings and even a PlantFire holiday meal.

Section Three caps things off with a thorough and handy reference section that includes a detailed glossary, seasonal produce chart, and recommended resources to further your knowledge on PlantFire diet philosophy.

“Once I truly committed to this diet, defined the lifestyle particulars, and started living it every day, I experienced a profound shift,” adds Chamberlin. “I felt incredible, my energy levels soared, and a new stratum of mental clarity kicked in. In short, I felt on fire. As I continued to live this way, I had a ‘mega light bulb’ moment: for the first time in my entire life, I had finally tasted my own true self-worth and it came at the end of my fork. From that day forward, I began to see every healthy meal as a statement of self-love. Simply put, I recognized that I loved myself enough to pursue the highest level of self-care. This was a life-changing revelation for me and I hope it’s one for you too.”

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