Guilt-Free Vegan Cookbook: Oil, Sugar, Gluten & Dairy free Recipes

Guilt-Free Vegan recipes

There is a global movement towards health and wellness where people are looking for answers to live healthier, more meaningful and connected lives. Few are aware that there is a pioneering movement, supported by medical doctors and nutritional experts, who recommend a whole foods, plant-based diet for maximum health.

The nutritional guidelines adhered to in this book are based on their scientific and evidence-based recommendations and have been proven again and again to prevent and even reverse many common lifestyle diseases. Some well-known western physicians who promote this diet are Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Dr. John McDougall, and Dr. Michael Greger.

BE FREE cookbooks, named so, because apart from being whole and plant based, the recipes are also oil, sugar, gluten, lactose and very importantly “guilt” free.

A lot of people do not feel free to enjoy their favorite foods; while others think that healthy cooking lacks taste and involves a lot of effort. This book will dispel all such myths. The authors have created visually attractive and tasty dishes by changing our mindset and methods from conventional cooking methods.

Research showed that people looked forward to eating out in order to get some excitement from their food. The book helps to inspire people to make a variety of cuisines in their homes, encouraging them to make their meals interesting and healthy, yet be as exciting as meals available in their favorite restaurants.

The recipes used are heart-healthy and good for weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, joint pains, autoimmune disorders, asthma and many other lifestyle related illnesses, while being pleasurable to the palate and satisfying to the senses. The ingredients used are easily accessible to create extraordinary and imaginative dishes.

The hardcover book is absolutely beautiful with full-size photos on nearly every page.

The book can be ordered at this link:


Mala Barua, Wellness Consultant and Inner Silence Meditation teacher, owner of Mystic-Asia ( Mala has specialized in Wellness Travel for the last 15 years conducting retreats and is now a consultant to several resorts and hotels globally. She also writes on Wellness for Vogue, Condenast Traveller, Asiaspa, Travel & Leisure etc.

Mala is a very creative and original culinary artist in her own right. She combines her sense of aesthetics from the world of fashion design to make her food like she would create a piece of art. And all the tastes come together in the mouth like a well-orchestrated symphony. Mala’s food is deeply nourishing not just for the body, but for the soul, like her Inner Silence meditations.

Mala is a regular contributor to the vegan gatherings in New Delhi and also has been a Food Consultant to SHARAN’s 21-day disease reversal programme as well as to the Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living International Centre in Bangalore.

Nandini Gulati is a holistic health coach integrating body, mind, heart and spirit. Her personal struggle with weight and health issues took her on a remarkable journey of self-discovery. She learnt to be self-aware and listen to the natural guidance of her body and inner being. She now facilitates people to develop a deeper understanding of health, food and a better connection with their bodies.

Her simple yet insightful teachings on awareness, psychology of eating, habit transformation and self-love, stem from her own life experiences. These practical ideas resonate with many and she conducts workshops throughout India, helping people with weight loss and adopting a preventative lifestyle. Her passion lies in inspiring people to fall in love with healthier foods and lifestyle habits.

The book can be ordered at this link:

Guilt-Free Vegan cookbook

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