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Culinary Rx Offers Online Plant-based Cooking Course

Culinary Rx

Culinary Rx

This 60-day, self-paced online course teaches you to the plant-based cooking skills you need to master the art of cooking and eating for health!

Learn to love the food that loves you back: fiber-filled, nutrient dense whole, plant-based foods are your ticket to protecting your health and fighting disease.

Culinary Rx delivers the information and instruction you need to make cooking and eating healthfully a new habit–for you and your entire family; it’s filled with scrumptious recipes and the tips you need to become the master of your kitchen.

Delivered on Rouxbe Cooking School’s world-renowned eLearning platform, Culinary Rx includes Ask the Doc live webinars, enabling you to pose questions to Plantrician MD representatives and members of Rouxbe’s Medical Advisory Board.

More information: http://culinary-rx.com