New Appliance Helps Vegans & Raw Foodies Eat Hot & Raw

Tribest Sousvant

Tribest Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of lifestyle appliances designed to make healthy living easy, has released its new Tribest Sousvant, an at-home sous vide machine that makes raw and hot possible. This new release revolutionizes the food options available to vegans, vegetarians and those who lead a plant-based or raw food diet by ensuring produce remains raw and nutrient-filled during the cooking process.

The sous vide technique, which involves inserting foods (such as fruits, veggies, soups and sauces) into a temperature-controlled water bath, not only ensures evenly-cooked, precise results, but also — by employing the use of a vacuum seal bag— seals in the food’s natural nutrients and juices to preserve its nutritional integrity.

In order to keep food raw, it cannot be cooked above 118° Fahrenheit. The Tribest Sousvant adds precision to the cooking process using its powerful 1000 watt, built-in circulation system to rapidly heat water to the desired cooking temperature within 0.1° Fahrenheit. This ensures that produce remains fully raw with all nutrients intact. Also, its all-digital, user-friendly display, paired with its foolproof, precise temperature controls, allows for the same, perfect results, every time.

Featuring a sleek, all-in-one design that requires no additional installation or extra compartments, the Tribest Sousvant eliminates the need for contraptions such as plastic wraps, ping-pong balls or cutting holes in plastic. Its carafe is lightweight, detachable and transparent so the user can easily monitor the cooking progress. Also, it has a removable lid which helps prevent evaporation in order to regulate and maintain precise temperatures.

Using the Tribest Sousvant, consumers can achieve high-end, restaurant-quality results in the comfort of their own home — no experience necessary. Much like sous vides found in restaurants, the Sousvant boasts an extra-large, three gallon capacity and can handle even the largest cooking jobs, without compromising counter space — all while reducing the number of dishes and clean up time.

Recommended in conjunction with a vacuum sealing machine, the Tribest Sousvant has a two-year warranty (which is the longest in the market) and is available online and at select retailers for $399.95. For more information, please visit:

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