Empowering a Vegan Nation: The Yoga Expo, 2016

Lumeria Maui yoga

The Yoga Expo is a 7-city event that serves as a platform to strengthen and educate communities about vegan options available to them locally. The all-day event allows attendees to taste local, sustainable food and beverages, and also to participate in over 150 different classes and workshops.

With over 11,000 people in attendance at the first expo, which took place in Los Angeles this past January, The Yoga Expo is showing no signs of slowing down. 25-year old entrepreneur Kyle Michaud created this amazing event to raise awareness and make a difference. Seeking to address society’s lack of awareness towards the preservation of our planet’s resources, The Yoga Expo thrives on people, ideas and sustainability.

Upcoming dates:

April 16 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
July 24 – Santa Clara, CA
August 20 – Washington D.C.
September 3 – Denver, CO
October 1&2 – Vancouver B.C.
December 17 – Los Angeles, CA

The Yoga Expo is here to offer vegan options to all of its’ attendees, welcoming all different ages and experience levels, in turn making the world a better place. The event is the largest festival of its’ kind, promoting sustainable consumption and production, and providing more sustainable, green choices for everyday people.

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