Outer Shores Celebrates Protection of Great Bear Rainforest

Outer Shores bear

Russell Markel, Captain and Founder, Outer Shores Expeditions, has long had a front row seat to one of the most important conservation conflicts in Canadian history. That’s why he’s particularly delighted to be bringing guests into British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest for a series of 9-day expeditions this summer and fall.

As a marine ecologist and mariner who calls Canada’s Pacific Coast home, Markel has kept a close eye on the years long process that has finally led to the protection of the planet’s largest intact temperate rainforest. With the recent announcement of the Great Bear Rainforest Act, which formalizes the protection of this globally significant area, the nearly 20-year push to protect the region has now experienced its greatest victory; one Outer Shores will be celebrating in 2016.

For more than 10,000 years, the Great Bear Rainforest has supported the indigenous cultures of at least 27 First Nations “There’s no doubt this season’s Great Bear Rainforest expeditions will have a celebratory feel to them,” says Markel. “Exploring this rainforest – which is home to bears, wolves, salmon, whales, cougars, wolverines, porcupines, ravens, eagles, seabirds, and the iconic Spirit bear – with the knowledge that it is now protected is going to be remarkable. Especially when considering the efforts it took to make this happen.”

Twenty-seven different First Nations call the area home, and they had to come together with the forest industry, environmental groups, and numerous government entities in order to create a sustainable future for the northern rainforest. The significance of the agreement is being called “precedent setting” and its effects are already being felt in conservation hot spots around the world.

Outer Shores Expeditions’ Great Bear Rainforest – Salmon, Bears, Whales & Wolves guests will gain a greater understanding of the Great Bear Rainforest’s global significance – for instance, it can store more carbon per hectare than any of the world’s tropical rainforests – and have the privilege of experiencing many of the its greatest highlights with local First Nations guides.

Expeditions are dedicated to observing, photographing, and learning about the ecosystems and iconic species of the region. Guests will view grizzly bears in mainland estuaries, visit bear viewing stands, explore salmon spawning streams and rivers as well as coastal estuaries, and encounter the abundant populations of whales, dolphins, sea lions, and sea otters of this exceptional region.

Great Bear Rainforest – Salmon, Bears, Whales & Wolves 2016 sailing schedule:
September 1 – 9; September 10 – 18; September 19 – 27

Great Bear Rainforest – Photography Tour with James Thompson 2016 sailing schedule:
September 28 – October 6

For more information on Outer Shores Expeditions, please visit outershores.ca or call 1-855-714-7233.

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