Peace & Parsnips: Adventurous Vegan Cooking for Everyone

Peace & Parsnips

Plant-based recipes from fun-loving, world-wandering chef Lee Watson who you’ll want to follow everywhere!

“Treat your vegetables with respect and you’ll get the best out of them: scrub them tenderly, cook them with care and attention, savor their unique qualities . . . this may be getting into the realm of a romance novel, but it’s true – love thy veggies!”

“A vegan diet can fulfill your nutritional requirements, pack your belly with goodness and consistently boggle your mind with new culinary angles and diversity. You’ll end up saving money, you’ll feel healthier, you’ll have energy, you’ll feel satisfied and you may just save the world, one meal at a time! Why not feel good all the time? A vegan diet is a big stepping-stone to a brighter, lighter way of being.”

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