10 Reasons Why Indian Food is Great for a Vegan Diet

Lentil squash and vegetable stew

Lentil squash and vegetable stew

If you’re a vegan, Indian cooking and eating is pitch perfect for your diet. The nation’s cuisine is packed full of recipes and meal ideas that use a plethora of ingredients to pack a flavorful punch – with not one animal in sight. Here are my top reasons why Indian food is best if you’re vegan:

1. Pulao

At its simplest this is aromatic rice sautéed with whole spices, but pulao can be the centerpiece of any meal tossed with vegetables, from peas, peppers and tomatoes to spinach. Serve pulao up with a lemony cucumber, tomato and fresh coriander salad, with plenty of pickle and roasted papad. Recipe: Pulao and spiced aromatic spinach rice

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