This Little Dog Survived Domestic Violence


One fateful day in October 2009, Bruce Zeman received a call from Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Center about a recently rescued dachshund. He had been beaten nearly to death by his former humans and was in urgent need of a home. Bruce and his wife Tami quickly stepped in, adopting Hobbes and nursing him back to health.

Hobbes traveled the long road to recovery with the spirit of a warrior, capturing the hearts of people everywhere, including on-air on Bruce’s morning show on WVTK, where Zeman frequently regaled his listeners with tales of his little dog’s bravery and shenanigans. In 2014, Bruce launched the nation’s first human-canine radio show and podcast, and therein began Hobbes’ official road to stardom.

Now, Hobbes has his very own book. Hobbes Goes Home which tells the story of Hobbes’ life as a domestic violence survivor and touches sensitively on pressing topics like bullying, compassion, and the humane treatment of animals and people.


Hobbes’ story has garnered nationwide attention. President Barack Obama even sent Hobbes and Zeman a note telling them how much he enjoyed the book!

Today, Hobbes and Bruce travel to elementary schools all across Vermont to enlighten children about how they can stand up to bullying and help build a more compassionate world for people and animals;  an effort In Defense of Animals applauds and wholly supports.

Bruce and Hobbes have chosen In Defense of Animals as a permanent recipient of donations from the sale of his book. We urge you to help Bruce and Hobbes spread  their message of kindness and compassion to future generations by buying his book.  Hobbes Goes Home makes the perfect gift for children and adult animal advocates alike!

The process is very simple:

  • Visit
  • Click “Store”
  • Purchase a copy (or copies!) of “Hobbes Goes Home”
  • When checking out, put “IDA” in the “DONATION CODE” box
  • Finish the checkout, and that’s it.  ALL profits from the sale of this book will be donated to In Defense of Animals.

Get your copy today and help In Defense of Animals!

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