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Farm to Fable, New book exposes how popular culture manipulates our food choices

Farm to Fable

Farm to Fable

On any given day, we face a deluge of messages and visuals loaded with fictions fabricated by the multi-billion-dollar food marketing industry in the quest to influence our purchasing decisions. Farm to Fable reveals how the powerful forces of popular culture inform our food choices, often without our even knowing it.

There are many valid reasons for following a vegan lifestyle: improving health, reducing impact on environment and climate change, world hunger, food insecurity, depletion of resources, and, of course, the needless suffering of other animals. Still, the vast majority of us continue to consume animals when we could choose otherwise. Why do we believe we have a right to use/consume non human animals? What are the cultural forces that drive our food choices? These are the fundamental questions Farm to Fable seeks to answer in two ways: by asserting that our beliefs about eating animals remain largely unex­amined and therefore unchallenged, and by demonstrating how the fictions of popular culture continually reinforce these beliefs and behaviors. Farm to Fable deconstructs these fictions for those who truly want to know not only where our food comes from, but also why we make the choices that we do.

Author Robert Grillo spotlights an area not often covered in food politics—the animal’s experience and point of view. Drawing on insights from sociology, psychology, popular culture, ethics and social justice to bridge the gap between humans and other animals, Grillo reveals how popular culture uses a variety of fictions that condition us to consume animal products and perpetuate false perceptions of animals that make us feel better about exploiting them. He presents several common food fictions by showing us concrete and recognizable examples of each. Addressing these fictions for animal advocates and the public at large is essential for making informed food choices as well as the first critical step in disempowering institutionalized animal exploitation.

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