Plant-Based Diet Aids Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

Physical fitness among patients with type 2 diabetes improves with a plant-based diet, according to a study published in Nutrients. Researchers compared a plant-based diet to a conventional diabetes diet on 74 people with type 2 diabetes who engaged in an exercise regimen three times a week for one hour. Physical fitness was measured by spiroergometry which measured maximal performance and lung capacity when riding a stationary bike. Although the energy intake was comparable in both groups, physical fitness increased more in the group following a plant-based diet. Researchers suggest clinicians recommend plant-based diets as part of an effective exercise program for patients with diabetes.

More information:

Veleba J, Matoulek M, Hill M, Pelikanova T, Kahleova H. A vegetarian vs. conventional hypocaloric diet: the effect on physical fitness in response to aerobic exercise in patients with type 2 diabetes. A parallel randomized study. Nutrients. 2016;8:pii:E671.

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